Ebony & Ivory

Location: Paris, Collège Honoré de Balzac, France

We are a small class in a secondary school in Paris called Honoré de Balzac. We are in what we call an International Section for we are all from an English speaking environment, as either one or both our parents are native speakers.

May 11, 2006


Wolf by day
Cat by night
Peace today
Tommorrow fight

Never old
Forever young
Hecat has told
The war's begun

The peace in over and done
The trouble has begun

January 24, 2006

the like totally CALIFORNIAN version of Macbeth

We're reading Macbeth, it's a famous play by William Shakespeare. Now, we just started it, and for the moment Ebony and I doesn't really get what's going on. Ok, so there's like these 3 hippies, see, and they're all, like, "peace and love, dude" but then there's this other guy, you know and he's like Mackbeth or something and he's like this king of Scotland or whatever. And the 3 hippies, yeah well they're all like "Dude, I'm bored so let's go like tell this dude to kill this other guy so he can be king, or whatever, because you know how those non-hippies are, they're like SOOO uptight and stuff!!!" Except then he, like, took them seriously and like killed the guy, right, but then he like regrets it and stuff so he like totally goes crazy and gets killed himself!!!!!!

January 13, 2006

Friday the thirteenth

As you can guess, today is Friday the thirteenth. AAACK!!!! God, we had better get this thing published before somebody downloads a virus onto the computer or something!!!!!!!! Unfortunately for the 3e today is the first Brevet Blanc of this year. We could also eat some disgusting inedible stuff at the cantine today (oh wait we always have disgusting fish on Friday). Or somebody could die by getting hit on the head by a volleyball in sports. Or I could get a bad grade on my Spanish test!!! Or my history teacher could make me recite my lesson but I haven't learned it!!!

Movie time

OK, let's talk about movies. Um... "The Chronicles of Narina: chapter 1". Well the special FX were good. But my favorite part was Lucy who is SOOOOOOO CUTE!!! Don't you think that she's like totally the cutest kid??? The movie followed the story pretty well. Otherwise the plot was good and that's all i can find 2 say!!!!

January 03, 2006

The Ultimate Opposites

Ebony and Ivory, Black and White, piano... we think you got the idea. Ivory and I are totally different, but we match! Ivory is short (1,62m) , wears glasses, have straight and long chestnut hair, and as you guessed: white. While, I'm tall (very tall: 1,79m), I don't have glasses (too scare too loose them) but I wear contact lenses, my hair is dark brown (humm, I'm black by the way).
Our looks aren't the only things which don't match: our personalities too. But we're great friends!